Even in the increasingly crowded world of crime dramas that have flocked their way to television screens, NCIS has managed to stand out over the years. Much of this is because of the unique setting. After all, the NCIS team focuses on crimes within the Navy and Marines. Of course, characters that viewers can connect to, portrayed by talented actors and actresses, have also played a part. Here’s what the most notable actresses in NCIS history are up to now.

Sasha Alexander Then

Sasha Alexander was a part of NCIS since the show first aired, as she has portrayed Kate Todd. Many viewers remember her from the signature dark hair she sported on the show, which varied from shades of brown to black. Unfortunately, Sasha’s character didn’t last as long as some fans would have hoped – Kate Todd was murdered just a year and a half after the show began.

How The Women Of NCIS Look Today

Sasha Alexander Now

NCIS fans may not even recognize Sasha Alexander if they passed her on the street, as she normally sports blonde or even reddish locks instead of the darker shades she featured on the show. She has had roles in such films as He’s Just Not That Into You and Yes Man. Currently, she plays Helene Runyon on the hit series Shameless.


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