Pixie Cut


This very bold haircut is really much easier to remove than some might think. It can make you young and lifelike and may knock a lot of years off your life. People will love the bold decision of rock that a short hairstyle, but be sure to consult your hairstylist to make sure you have the right visage and form of the head to get a pixie cut.


Graduated layers

If you are want to keep your hair long as you get older, you can get a cut with graduated layers to make certain that the cut is still youth and vibrant. This style lets you to have the longest hair likely, however accentuating your collarbone, your cheekbones and other flattering features. This will give you a youthful look. and throw people’s attention on your jaw.



If you want to spice up without having a haircut, the highlights could be the answer. Adding brighter colors in your hair can make you look bright and vibrant. Make sure to do your best to explain that you want more subtle highlights so you do not end up with a strange dye job. Too much highlights can be as bad as not sufficient.


Dark Hair

People with dark hair often look much younger than they really are. Good colored black hair will remove the dull look that your natural hair can have. If you are looking for a color that will make you lose a few years, consider using a dye for the home or going to a salon to ask for a dark brown or black hue.


Straighten your hair

If you have naturally curly or frizzy hair, it could be fun to change things and use a flat iron. Adding a few days per week to wearing your hair straight can turn people’s heads in your direction. You will probably find many more people complimenting your hair when you straighten it occasionally. You can even use a flat iron to style your hair, adding volume and bending the ends slightly to add an interesting shape.


Side Bangs

Bangs should not be flat on your forehead and they should not be scary! Anyone can get their hair cut with long fringes that they can push to the side. A taller bang can frame your face, accentuate your cheekbones and give you a much younger look. You may even be able to hide some of your less preferred facial features, including wrinkles.


Curls or Waves

If your hair shoulder length, you can utilize curlers at night or use a curling iron in the early morning. Using curling irons or hair curlers can give you stylish and tidy curls that make your hair look naturally styled and massive. You can take years of your age with this new look.


A few styles at once

Especially if your hair is longer, you can combine several different styles into one to create a fantastic overall look. For example, you can have side fringes straightened with meticulously curly hair (to give it a naturally wavy look) or you could have a nice dark color for most of your hair with some highlights to add depth.


Ombre hair color

If you want to follow current trends, the shadow hairstyle may be one for you. This hairstyle allows you to dye your hair a darker color near the roots that progressively fades to a much lighter color at the end.


Flowing waves

creating the look of naturally flowing waves can make your hair look full, thick and absolutely charming appearance. These romantic waves usually come from a curling stick, but any curling iron will do. This is one of the easiest looks to get because it is not necessarily perfect.



The bun is another simple and delicate hairstyle that you might want to try. This elegant neck knot is a casual look that you can wear anywhere. It’s a great way to remove your hair from your neck and face, giving you a fresh, youthful look.


A-Line Bob

A bob is a wonderful way to shape your hair around your face. If you have straight hair (or if you often have the style of your hair to be straight) and you are interested in a shorter haircut, an asymmetrical bob might work great for you.


Short cut with top length open

This is a fun hairstyle for work or evening events. You simply use a large curling iron (or even a hair straightener) to sweep the hair away from the forehead and up toward the top of the head. This hairstyle is an easy way to make your face look brighter.


Changing the part

It’s fun to switch things up every now and then. One easy way to do that is by changing your part, chiefly if you’re still using a middle part. Try parting your hair to the side for a look that quickly adds a lot of volume and depth to your hairstyle. You’ll automatically look so much younger with this simple trick.


Add shine to your hair

The duller and more spoiled your hair is, the younger you’ll look. Using products that add shine to your hair will quickly take off ten years and make your hair look completely sleek. There are a lot of products on the market and even some ingredients found around your home that you could use to add some shine


Low ponytail

This tidy and sleek hairstyle is the ideal way to style your hair neatly without much extra effort. This allows you to pull your hair out of your face, making you look fresh and young. It works great with hair that is at least shoulder length.


Flip out style

Adding some volume at the ends of your hair can make any hairstyle more chic. From a pixie cut to a bob to long hair, a small flip at the end of your hair can make you look youth and more vibrant. Use a curling iron or flat iron plus some hairspray to achieve this simple and fun hairstyle.


Red dye

If you are ready to try a fun and bold new look, add a fierce red color. A hair salon will do the better job, but these dyes are also sold online and in many drugstores. Make sure you use the right shampoo for dyed hair so your look will last longer.

You do not have to go to any extremes to turn back the clock. A simple and handsome hairstyle can make you look very younger. Plus, you often do not need to spend any money at all to change up your hair and find a new look that makes you look and feel wonderful!